Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

One day event where everyone, globally, talks about the expanding universe of Microsoft Azure!

Deep Dive Sessions

One full day of deep dive sessions on Microsoft Azure for Developers and IT Pro's delivered by the experts to get you started on complex topics like building real world apps, ARM Templages, Logic Apps, and IoT

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Entry to this event is totally free! What's more? There will be SWAG and prizes from our sponsors! But you must register to reserve your seat!

Discuss with Experts

Have questions, need to discuss your technical issues, or looking for some advise? Do attend and speak to the experts.

Social Connect

Catch up with all the Azure people in Brisbane. Exchange ideas, stories, contact details, etc.


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08:30-09:00 - Meet & Greet

(Provided) Enjoy a pastry & hot drink

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09:00-09:05 - Welcome

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Logistics & Agenda

Damien Berry / Dan Toomey (Organisers)

09:05-10:05 - Keynote

Applied Azure: Building a Large Scale Real World Application on a Coffee Budget

Troy Hunt (Pluralsight Author | Microsoft MVP)

10:05-10:20 - Morning Tea

Light refreshments

10:20-11:10 - Session 1

Introduction to Kubernetes on Azure

Paul Bouwer (Microsoft)

11:10-12:00 - Session 2

Demystifying Azure Compute – When to Choose What Service!

Todd Whitehead (Microsoft)

12:00-13:00 - Lunch

Food will be served

Vegetarian options included.

Throughout the Day

Hands-On Labs

Available in a separate room.

13:00-13:50 - Session 3

Slacking Off with Automation

Matt Corr (Mexia)

13:50-14:40 - Session 4

Seamless Deployments with Service Fabric

Dan Toomey (Mexia | Microsoft MVP)

14:40-15:30 - Session 5

Discovering Azure Cognitive Services

Paul Usher (Dev Express | Microsoft MVP)

15:30-15:40 - Afternoon Tea

Light refreshments

15:40-16:30 - Session 6

Azure Deployments: ASM vs ARM

Ido Katz (Microsoft MVP | MCT | MCSE)

16:30-17:00 - Wrap-up

Closing & Prizes Giveaway

Session Info

What you'll be listening to

Keynote - Troy Hunt

Applied Azure: Building a Large Scale Real World Application on a Coffee Budget

The promise of “the cloud” is that you can get as much as you want, when you want it, and only pay for what you use. The cloud sets expectations of provisioning resources at the drop of a hat in a way we could previously only dream of. But is that the reality? And how much do you pay for all this? And for that matter, what’s stopping costs from spiralling out of control? I’ll take you through how I built ‘Have I Been Pwned” which manages millions of visitors per day searching billions of records. You’ll see how Azure’s PaaS features have been used to build a highly scalable website that’s literally run on a coffee budget. This includes Azure’s App Service, SQL Database, WebJobs, VMs and Functions, all working in unison to bring the promise of the cloud to reality. You’ll also see how Azure can be complimented with external services such as Cloudflare to ensure resilience against extreme bursts of unexpected traffic. It’s a practical look at a real world Azure success story that will answer many of the questions people have about moving to the cloud.

Session 1 - Paul Bouwer

Introduction to Kubernetes on Azure

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications. It is also one of the three orchestrators that you can leverage in the Azure Container Service. This talk will provide an introduction to Kubernetes, describe how it works and how you can leverage it to manage both your Linux and Windows containers in Azure.

Session 2 - Todd Whitehead

Demystifying Azure Compute – When to Choose What Service!

Building applications on Azure is easier than ever. With so many different services offered by Azure it must be easy to choose the right services and compose the best solution – right? …. However, often people can feel overwhelmed by the variety and overlap functionality offered with Azure services. This session will review the options available and look at scenarios and respective solutions deployed on Azure. The review includes recommended architecture for common scenarios and offer criteria for choosing the right services.

Session 3 - Matt Corr

Slacking Off with Automation

Do you find yourself living in Slack all day? Do you run Azure VMs for yourself or clients? Well you might want to learn about a fun and convenient way of controlling your Azure VMs via the Slack interface. This will all be managed by utilising Azure Functions and PowerShell behind the scenes.


Session 4 - Dan Toomey

Seamless Deployments with Service Fabric

Service Fabric is Microsoft's hyper-scalable and self-orchestrating platform for hosting microservices. Spin up your cluster in Azure, on-premises, or across multiple service providers and then deploy your applications; Service Fabric will automatically distribute your services while reliably managing state and redundancy. In this session we will demonstrate how to easily deploy an upgrade to an application with no downtime and with self-healing capabilities.

Session 5 - Paul Usher

Discovering Azure Cognitive Services

Just the words "Cognitive Services" can be daunting, but it doesn't need to be! In fact, what if I said you can spin up a speech to text engine that will analyse the output and tell you the sentiment behind what it contains... in under 15 minutes. That is exactly what will be shown in this session - by creating a simple application that can consume an audio file (mp3) and use the power of Azure Cognitive Services to do the rest. There are many aspects to ACS and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to integrate into existing processes.

Session 6 - Ido Katz

Azure Deployments: ASM vs ARM

One of the biggest pain point today when using Azure is deciding on which kind of deployments method we are going to use. In this session you will learn about transition from Azure Service Management (A.K.A Classic and V1) to Azure Resource Manager (A.K.A ARM and V2). You'll get an overview about both IaaS deployment methods and will give you a better understanding about the differences, pros & cons. We also going to explain about the migration options that Azure offers today and what will be the right way to do it.


Who's doing the talking

Troy Hunt

Pluralsight Author, Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Troy is a Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional (MVP) specialising in online security and cloud development. He is a regular speaker at conferences around the world and runs workshops on how to build more secure software within organisations. Troy is also the creator of the free data breach aggregation service known as "Have I been pwned" (HIBP).

Paul Bouwer

Software Development Engineer at Microsoft

Paul Bouwer is a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft where he works closely with Global Partners on their Azure journeys. He is also a Pluralsight author and a fan of OSS, cross platform, containers, hypermedia and Azure.

Paul tweets regularly at @pbouwer and blogs on blog.paulbouwer.com from his home in Brisbane, Australia.

Todd Whitehead

Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Todd is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft focusing on helping customers to design and implement world class cloud solutions on Azure. His experience was honed as a developer and architect and now spend his days focusing on leveraging the power of Azure cloud services to show how to write the least amount of code possible to deliver the desired outcomes.

Matt Corr

Integration Consultant at Mexia

Matt has almost 20 years experience in the IT industry, working in various fields such as Government, Financial, Transport, Military and the private sector. He is proficient in multiple technical solution areas including development, testing, deployment, support and infrastructure. Matt has extensive experience across the Microsoft Enterprise stack including Azure, BizTalk, C#, Visual Studio & SQL Server. He also spends hours tweaking TeamCity and Octopus Deploy settings and is Mexia's #1 PowerShell guru!

Dan Toomey

Principal Consultant at Mexia

Dan Toomey is a Principal Consultant for Mexia, a Microsoft MVP (Azure) and a Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) in Cloud Platform. He is also a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) in BizTalk Server, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and a Pluralsight author. An active community blogger and speaker, Dan founded the Brisbane BizTalk User Group in 2005 and is now a chief organiser of the Brisbane Azure User Group.

Paul Usher

Technical Evangelist at DevExpress

Paul Usher is a Microsoft MVP and a Technical Evangelist at DevExpress. DevExpress technologies help software developers build high-performance business solutions, see complex software with greater clarity, increase productivity, and create stunning applications for Windows® and the Web in the shortest possible time. Prior to joining DevExpress, Paul ran (and still owns) an independent software development company which specializes in custom solutions for small to medium businesses, with a focus on mobile and paperless solutions. He has developed more than 100 commercial applications on Windows, mac OS, iOS, and other platforms that are used worldwide covering a wide range of industries from retail, medical, construction, and various service industries. Paul is a published author, WintellectNOW trainer and speaks at industry events around the world. His blog is available at paulusher.info.

Ido Katz

Microsoft MVP, MCT, MCSE

Ido is a Microsoft Azure MVP, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (MCSE). An IT professional with more than 12 years of experience in data security management and global systems integration, Ido is a seasoned strategist, practice manager, and top-tier technology leader with strong expertise in cloud technologies. His background focuses on managing network infrastructure, architecture, and systems for organizations of all sizes. Ido helps both small businesses and large enterprises embrace new technology to elevate their business performance.


What you need to bring with you

Laptop Computer

With Visual Studio 2015 installed. Don't forget to bring your power cord!

Optional if not doing the labs

Azure Subscription

Sign up in advance for a trial subscription, in case you don't have one through MSDN.

Optional if not doing the labs

Latest Azure SDK

Download and install from here. Please do this in advance!

Optional if not doing the labs

Workout Gear

...for your brain! Prepare to be boggled by the power of Azure!

Caffeination will be provided


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